So, I just recently got an M1 MacBook. I'm currently typing this on a mid-2014 Intel core MacBook Pro that's running on Yosemite. I wanted to transfer all my files into the new MacBook, however, I realized that it would take way too long, and I have a lot of junk that I don't want on my new MacBook.

Is there a way to transfer only specific things that I want through migration assistant? Mainly some downloaded music from iTunes and some folders, not too many things (though it would probably be a few GB's.) but I don't want everything.

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In the Mac Migration Assistant process, it will give you some options to select the types of data you can migrate over from your user account, such as music, documents, etc... but it's not going to give you a full list of all directories and files to pick from. migration assistant

Folders expanded to migrate

There's an article here that also discussed this topic: https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/selecting-folders-with-migration-assistant.1743009/

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