When i search for something using spotlight (CMD + SPACEBAR), I don't want to see anything related to internet searches using safari or chrome.

Is there a way to disable spotlight from using these two programs?

In settings -> Spotlight, I don't see a checkbox for "internet"

This is my settings so far: enter image description here


Depending on which macOS, it's called either Spotlight Suggestions or Siri Suggestions.

See Apple KB - Turn off Siri Suggestions for Spotlight on Mac

Confirmed by comments, a website in results could be a bookmark or recently visited, in which case you'd also need to uncheck 'Bookmarks & History'.

  • im on macOS bigsur 11.3.1. Siri suggestions is turned off in spotlight suggestions.. If i type 'd' in spotlight, it still shows me disney.com as an autocomplete for safari...
    – Ryu S.
    Jul 24 at 15:47
  • Do you have it as a bookmark, or been there recently? That's a different checkbox.
    – Tetsujin
    Jul 24 at 15:49
  • 1
    wow, unchecking bookmarks seems to have done it... I guess apple preinstalls 'disney' as a safari bookmark on new laptops... thanks
    – Ryu S.
    Jul 24 at 15:51

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