I'm being asked to change permissions for app libs in my home directory to the root user to fix a problem on OSX.

Is this safe?

  • There's certainly no reason to do that. – Marc Wilson Jul 22 at 4:27
  • 1
    Sounds fishy to me. Who or what is doing the asking? – user3439894 Jul 22 at 4:36
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    Please be more specific: which directory do you need to change, which problem should this fix and who recommended the owner change? – nohillside Jul 22 at 5:57

Yeap, this is 100% safe!

Changing file ownership to root restricts access, so if anything, would make it more "secure" depending on access modes set on the file. File ownership/modes on their own do not affect any execution privileges, so you don't need to worry about whether it would accidentally elevate execution privileges.

Now if you were told to run it as root (e.g. with sudo) or were told to use setuid on it, then you should be worried. These would in fact elevate execution privileges.

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