I've had this issue across multiple printers but. I took a picture with my iPhone and transfer it to my MacBookPro running 11.4 via AirDrop

enter image description here

I open the image in Preview which looks correct

enter image description here

I pick File->Print and the print preview looks correct

enter image description here

I then print and the print is not correct

enter image description here

How do I get my Mac to print correctly?

  • what about trying to print it in landscape ? – tama Jul 21 at 23:22
  • no luck in landscape. Same issue. good guess though – gman Jul 21 at 23:28
  • I wonder if the document has a different page size. Get info on the PDF and see what the page size is under the general tab. I've seen "odd" page sizes do those kind of things to a PDF print out... – Steve Chambers Jul 22 at 0:12

Similarly to what @Steve Chambers said, your "Paper Size" setting is set to "US Legal" when it appears your printing on US Letter. You should change your "Paper Size" setting to match what you're printing on and that should fix it!

  • color me embarrassed. that was it – gman Jul 22 at 14:55

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