Using Visual Studio I created a Project in a folder named "something.Service" It works file without problem. The same happens if I export this project to a Windows machine.

When I look on it via Finder the folder has an extension called ".app" and it is not accessible via Finder.

When I try to access this folder via Terminal there is no problem.

On this print screen, I show this discrepancy on Finder and Terminal

enter image description here

Why I can't use this Name on Finder?

  • Is this executable a GUI or command line program? – mmmmmm Jul 21 at 22:12
  • This is a .net core program, but It happens with any folder any where named as .Service – AFetter Jul 22 at 2:20
  • Sorry that doesn't answer the question is it a GUI app or a command line non GUI program? – mmmmmm Jul 22 at 8:44
  • To be honest with you, this project is only DLL. Outside of Visual studio, it is only text files. – AFetter Jul 22 at 10:21
  • 1
    I don't think you understood. In Visual Studio I'm writing code that will create Dll. But What causes the issue, as I create a folder from visual studio (similar to X-code) with the name AFetter.Battlefield.Services and when I got this folder to send to someone else I notice one of the folders "AFetter.Battlefield.Services" was renamed to AFetter.Battlefield.Services.app and was accessible anymore. I think we can leave what I was doing out of this conversation. – AFetter Jul 23 at 3:52

This is because .service extension is special. I can't find information on why, but it's treated as an application.

You cannot avoid this in Finder. If the filename ends in .service, it will behave this way. If you want to view the contents of the folder, right click and choose "Show Package Contents."

It won't impact the file system or other applications.


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