I'm trying to test an iPhone app that needs to be usable in low-bandwidth / poor signal areas. I know I can slow the network on my Mac and the simulator in Xcode, but not how to slow iOS and iPadOS devices.

Can I slow the network connection on the physical devices?

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Network Link Conditioner should do what you want. It's part of "Additional Tools for Xcode" and can be downloaded here:

Attach your iPhone to your Mac, launch Xcode and go to...

Window > Devices & Simulators

Select your iPhone in the sidebar (unlocked and displayed without errors)

On the iPhone you should now have the Developer settings:

Settings > Developer > Networking > Network Link Conditioner

See also: https://nshipster.com/network-link-conditioner/#enabling-network-link-conditioner-on-ios-devices

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    Works great. And I only needed to connect photo to Xcode once to activate the phone's Developer Tools --> Network Link Conditioner. So I can be out in the field testing unconnected to a laptop. Thanks!
    – Paul G
    Commented Aug 2, 2021 at 16:49

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