I need to download around 10,000 photos from my iCloud library. I NEED to keep the album structure because reorganizing all these photos would take forever!

I downloaded about 50 albums with no problem, I got a zip folder that I extracted all the photos from. But now a lot of the zips are being downloaded with these odds files (presumably the image files with weird names and a .resOriginalRes file extension.

I can not open or do anything with these .resOriginalRes files and the actual .jpg are not in the zip. Below is an image of what I'm talking about...

enter image description here

Any ideas or help?

EDIT: If someone knows a better way to download my library and keep the album structure please let me know!

  • Once they are downloaded what are you going to do with them. Don't they just appear in iPhot anyway? – mmmmmm Jul 21 at 21:09
  • I'm downloading the images from iCloud, then uploading them into a website to put into an online gallery. Obviously, jpg, png, etc are fine but these .resOriginalRes files are useless. – RiddleMeThis Jul 21 at 21:15
  • Use Photos app - select the photos and then use Export from the File menu – mmmmmm Jul 21 at 21:17
  • I'm using Photos on iCloud.com to download each album to my PC. I don't see a File menu. – RiddleMeThis Jul 21 at 21:51
  • Ah you tagged with Photos.app which as the tag information said when you chose it "Apple's photo manager and editor. This tag may refer to the iOS app, present since iOS 1.0; the OS X app" So please actuallyu tell us the correct setup in your question – mmmmmm Jul 21 at 21:53

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