I use Synergy to share my mouse and keyboard across different computers.

Now i want to lock and unlock the screen of my mac. I have activated corners, so when i move my mouse at the left corner of my screen, it gets dark.

But when i want to unlock the screen, nothing happens! My Mac doesn't recognize any mouse movements or keyboard actions.

I need to lock & unlock the mac screen for testing purpose.

Is there any script command which can lock and unlock my screen by itself?

For example: lock my screen for 5 secondes, and unlock it again after this period of time.

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You may be able to work something together in automator but I am not too familiar with that app.

I would check and see if you have wake for network access on. In System Preferences->Energy Saver there is a checkbox to "wake for network access". If that is unchecked it is unlikely your computer will respond since I believe that app is based on Networking

[UPDATE]: Doing a quick search it appears other users are experiencing this issue with synergy and lion. take a look here

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