My ex husband is listed as the organizer in our family sharing account. He states he no longer has access to either his iCloud or @me accounts. My card is the one on file. How do I change the organizer to myself or cancel this account?


The card is on file with the organizer account, not with the "family" as an entity. To resolve this issue you should do both of these things:

  • Leave the Family
  • Request a new credit card

If they are truly unable to access the account, then there is no risk to leaving the card on the account. However, to be safe I would still recommend getting a new card number.

You won't have authorization to access the account since, as I mentioned above, the card is attached to the other account, not to the family.

If you want to become a family Organizer, you must make a new Family after leaving this one.

Hope this all makes sense.

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