I want to add a new contact. Let's say all I have is the first name "Joe" and a phone number. How do I do that without iOS stupidly linking the phone number to an existing "Joe" I have in my contacts list. This UX as it seems to work right now is frustrating.

  • I just did it on 14.6 without a problem. I see two entries for 'Joe', each with their own phone number. What iOS version are you using and what steps are you following, exactly, to add the names?
    – fsb
    Jul 13 at 22:32
  • I avoid that possibility by putting “Joe B” and “Joe M” and “Joe S” etc
    – Solar Mike
    Jul 14 at 5:01
  • @fsb It may be because I am also using a Gmail account on my phone? I'm on the latest iOS. I just create a new contact with a first name and phone number Jul 14 at 13:57
  • I don't think gmail has anything to do with the Contacts app adding contacts, but I could be wrong. I can create several 'first name, phone number' contacts without a problem. Please edit your question with the steps you're taking, exactly. If you have screenshots of the problem, that might help, too.
    – fsb
    Jul 14 at 14:02

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