I have two external monitors, neither have a native thunderbolt 3 port. One is HDMI, and one is a mystery to me, it's small and sort of squarish with a notch. They both have a company supplied thunderbolt 3 adapter. I bought this docking station so I can connect both of these monitors in. But it only had one functional thunderbolt 3 port; the other is meant for a cable to go to the laptop. So for the HDMI monitor, I bought a cheap 8 dollar converter from DisplayPort to HDMI. It doesn't matter, it didn't work. Only one monitor works. I have to plug the other monitor directly into the mac with the thunderbolt connector. So I thought I'd look for a docking station that can handle two Thunderbolt 3 monitors, but they don't seem to exist. My question is, is there a fundamental limitation that prevents two Thunderbolt 3 monitors from ultimately connecting into one thunderbolt port on the macbook pro?

Here are some things I was asked, maybe it helps answer the question system displays

None of these monitors have a native thunderbolt3 cable. They all have adapters attached. I didn't buy the adapters, it was given to me, as was this mac.

  • DisplayPort is hardly "Mac-related". It's a standard, it's widely used. No, there's not any fundamental limitation, but it's likely that neither monitor is actually Thunderbolt. What are the monitors? That is a very good dock, although it is rather pricey. Jul 13 at 0:40
  • Please add specific information about the mac model with OS version, the monitors and the cable you bought. A simple DisplayPort to HDMI cable does not work; it needs to be an active cable, as stated in the CalDigits specs: caldigit.com/ts3-plus
    – X_841
    Jul 13 at 7:14
  • Yes, I scrolled all the way to the bottom of that document and saw in bold that it needs to be an active adapter. I one clicked the prior adapter so you can imagine how much effort I put into this research. I think this maybe the answer; I just one clicked an "active" adapter. Jul 13 at 15:17

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