I applied new thermal paste to my Macbook Pro 15-inch Mid 2015, after removing whatever remained of the old thermal paste. After applying the thermal paste, I thankfully noticed overall reductions in fan speed. At the same time however, I'm getting these weird fan speed "bursts" where the fan speed randomly and rapidly jumps from 2000 rpm to 4000 rpm, and then rapidly back to 2000 rpm. This is happening quite frequently now.

I re-opened the inside of my Macbook and ensured that all the screws are tightened. Even after that, I'm still having this fan speed "burst" issue.

Any input on how to go about with addressing this issue would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for considering.

Edit: I did not clean the fans at all when I was re-applying the thermal paste, and they have not been cleaned for 5 years I think. At the same time, I wasn't getting these random fan burst issues PRIOR to me re-applying the thermal paste; hence, even with the dusty fans, I never had this random fan burst issue.

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