Where in the filesystem are the dictionary files used in the native Mac Dictionary app located? In previous OSes, they were in Library/Dictionary. I don't see that directory in MacOS Big Sur.

More importantly, how could I effectively search for them? I tried searching my whole computer in the Finder for the keywords "dictionary" and "oxford english", and they didn't appear. Are the files hidden? Would there be a good terminal command to fuzzy keyword search all files including hidden ones? Or, would it be possible to see what files the Dictionary app uses by examining the app, somehow?

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The Finder (Spotlight) doesn't include system files in its results.

Dictionaries are now downloaded when selected, so they fall into the murky file path of:


inside various "AssetData" subfolders.

I recommend EasyFind as a good all-purpose real-time file searcher. https://www.devontechnologies.com/apps/freeware

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