I have the combination of multiple problems that I have seen individually in the net.

  1. My keyboard repeats letters randomly. At first I thought it was only the O, but then I've seen many others. These days it stopped, but now it happens in 2.

  2. In the launch pad's search bar, all the letters are systematically repeated, and only twice (which was not the case in point 1. where it could have been 3x or more).

  3. If I copy some text using Cmd+C, it works fine (I can paste it), nevertheless

    a. It make an error sound

    b. It actually also copies the text to the LaunchPad's searchbar, which is thus prefilled when I trigger it with a pinch.

Any idea?

My main hypothesis is a combination of a dirty keyboard (why is it so hard to clean?) and I am imagining an swollen battery that could exert some pressure on the keyboard. (Mac tells me my battery needs to be serviced and I can hear some weird swelling noises, I believe).

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Open terminal and type "killall Dock" Should reset launchpad and stop it from happening


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