The scenario is I'm in the middle of a phone call, apparently my face brushed the button for "add a call". I'm still in my call, looking at that "Add a call / Contacts" menu.

I need to get back to the menus that let me switch between keypad and speakerphone controls. There is no exit/X/back out button on this screen. The only screen features are "Groups" and "+" (to add a contact) then it's a list of my contacts. Dragging down from the top does nothing. Going home and selecting phone app again simply brings me back here.

If I navigate the buttons on the bottom, I can get to a "Keypad", but this keypad does not have the button to let me switch to the menu with "speakerphone on/off". Further, typing in this keypad Does NOT generate DTMF touch-tones to the recipient, and so it cannot control navigational menus.

How do I abort an "Add a call"?

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As of that least iOS 17, the Add to Call sheet can be swiped down, or you can go back to the home screen and it will be gone when you return to the call.


I don’t think there’s a way out unless you can upgrade to iOS 17.

Barring that, you could add someone you know is safe to merge or won’t answer or just stay on the line until you can end the call.

Or hang up (telling the partner) so you can start over and redial.

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