I know how to create custom shortcuts with scripting, but I want to know if there's a built-in shortcut. To clarify, this is to show the Trash, not to empty it.

Is there a keyboard shortcut for the Trash?

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    In the Terminal, type open ~/.Trash.
    – lhf
    Feb 5, 2022 at 17:56

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If you are using a Spotlight or a program such as Quicksilver that allows you configure keyboard shortcuts to perform actions. Here is a solution, create an AppleScript run only Application that will open the trash can for you. Its not a built in command but is should fit the bill nicely and you can do it all with built it tools.

  1. Open AppleScript Editor

  2. Open a new script editor window if one did not already open.

  3. Enter the follow in to the blank editor window

    tell application "Finder"
        open trash    
    end tell
  4. Test the script, press Run, trash should open.

  5. Save the Script with the name "OpenTrash" make sure to select "File Format:" Application and check the "Run Only" option.

  6. Open the newly saved OpenTrash Application, trash can contents should open in the Finder.

Introduce it to your favorite program launcher, and set up keyboard shortcuts etc. Also note that spotlight should index it as well and you can use that to open the Trash can now too.

+ space and then search for "Tr"... Then press enter once "OpenTrash" is highlighted.


According to Apple there is no native shortcut to open Trash.

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    That page is missing some shortcuts, and it doesn't specifically say that there's no shortcut for opening the trash.
    – Lri
    Nov 23, 2012 at 8:43

A very poor man's solution would be to just use Shift-Cmd-G in Finder to open ~/.Trash.

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    I hate touching my trackpad if I can avoid it, but I'm not about to type eleven characters just to avoid clicking on the dock. Oct 10, 2014 at 19:06
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    This is the way for me. Tilde dot slash T completes and I do this so seldom, it’s not worth the effort to drop an AppleScript but to each their own workflow, I suppose… @MichaelDorst
    – bmike
    Feb 5, 2022 at 16:22

LaunchBar has this built in - macOS does not.

Open Trash action in LaunchBar app for macOS

Type OT and select the action, a feature of this app is self-training easily to shortcuts of your typing.


@MrDaniel thank you so much, that worked great. I didn't see the option for Run Only to select, but it still works in 2022.

I followed the steps from that post, plus I added my own notes/steps, including adding an icon image and adding a shortcut in Finder.

  • Open Script Editor.app
  • Type:
tell application "Finder"
     open trash    
end tell
  • Create/name a folder Scripts
  • Save As OpenTrash.scpt and save to Scripts folder
  • Save As OpenTrash.app; File format: Application and save to Desktop
    Note: I don’t see an option to set as ‘Run Only’ per original post from MrDaniel from 10 years ago
  • Open System Preferences > Dock and Menu Bar
  • Set Dock to Large size
  • Uncheck Automatically hide and show the Dock
  • Screenshot the Trash from the Dock
  • Go back to System Preferences > Dock and Menu Bar
  • Set Dock to Small size
  • Check Automatically hide and show the Dock
  • Right-click the screenshot on the Desktop
  • Click the OpenTrash.app to select it then Cmd+I
  • Click the top left icon
  • Cmd+V
  • The Trash image now displays for OpenTrash.app
  • Cmd+Del the desktop screenshot
  • Open Finder
  • Press and hold Cmd and drag OpenTrash.app from the desktop (or wherever you saved it) to the top of the Finder window
  • Click the Trash icon at the top of the Finder window
  • Another Finder window opens for the Trash
  • Close both finder windows
  • Cmd+Space > type "OpenTrash"
  • OpenTrash.app with the Trash icon displays & OpenTrash.scpt with the page icon displays
  • Press Enter & OpenTrash.app will open the Trash folder

Info/Question: I've noticed if I have another Finder window already open I have to then press Cmd+Tab to go to that folder. Does anyone know what needs to be added to the script for something like 'bring folder to the front'?

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