I just got the motherboard of my macbook changed because there was issue with the charge flow.
After installing new one, I saw a new option of battery health management which was telling me the health of my battery. But now I am not able to see that option.
Nothing substantial has changed in my computer, I don't remember updating anything.
My MacBook pro is mid-2015 15 inch and OS is mojave.
According to this answer , my MacBook is too old to have that option. But I saw that option after the motherboard change but it is now gone. What kind of non-deterministic behaviour is this?

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Yes, that feature should not be available on your model of MacBook Pro.

As to why you saw it initially, then I can only guess that it was a bug. It's possible that the change in logic board was a factor in confusing the OS.

But ultimately, you should not expect or rely on enabling this feature.

There are third-party battery management utilities, like Coconut Battery, which provide more in-depth data. But you can't alter the way it charges. Your Mac just doesn't have the right hardware.

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