gurus and general tech gods. I'v been fiddling with automator to try and make the process of copying camera cards and renaming its root folder and specific contents (the mp4's) to reduce the problems when linking media across different non linear edit suites. I have the copy and rename the folder part working. But then I want to be able to find just a particular extension in the copied folder and add the date to the front of them.enter image description here My current workaround is adding 4 "get folder contents" actions as this Sony camera hides the mp4's 4 folders deep. Untitled being the "camera card" in this example enter image description here

Any help appreciated, I have no skills in programming or life.

Thanks, OCN

  • you are a genius. I had tried filter but it was always crashing. the pause has solved it. thank you.
    – OCN
    Jun 23, 2021 at 3:40

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It's not really clear why you need four Get Folder Contents actions, when checking [√] Repeat for each subfolder found should get everything within the folder passed to that action. That said... RE: "I want to be able to find just a particular extension in the copied folder" -- Have you tried using a Filter Finder Items action? Notes: Some Finder related actions rely on Spotlight, and when processing something copied as a part of the workflow one may need to add a Pause action to allow indexing to occur before proceeding.

As a test, I created the Untitled hierarchical folder structure shown in your second screenshot with just the highlight folders and the C0001.MP4 file. The example Automator workflow, below, without the Pause action the C0001.MP4 file would not be found as the rest of the window runs to quick for the Spotlight indexing to have indexed the copied folder from the Copy Finder Items action.

enter image description here

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