I'm using iOS Mail connected to a Gmail account on an iPhone 7+ running iOS 14.6.

Suddenly and without warning:

  • Deleting an email in iOS Mail doesn't place it in the Gmail bin but assigns it a label [Gmail]Bin.
  • Marking something as junk mail within iOS Mail doesn't place it in the Gmail Spam folder, but assigns it a label [Gmail]Spam.

Looking in the Bin on iOS mail shows me no deleted items. It should list 172 items in the bin on the Gmail server.

When I go into the "Advanced" settings within my account details on my phone, I can see that the Deleted Mailbox is configured to use Bin on the server and not [Gmail]Bin. There is no option to change where junk is put.

How can I ensure that iOS Mail lists (and places items) in the correct folders on the Gmail server?

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Typical, 15 minutes after I post the question I wonder "what would happen if I just deleted the GMail account in iOS and then add it back in again?"

After doing that, deleted items and spam are now going into the correct Gmail folders.

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