How to navigate to the next already open tab in finder window using keyboard ?

mac osx 11.4

On Ubuntu just do control + pageup/pagedown


Ctrl ⌃ Tab ⇥
or backwards
Ctrl ⌃ Shift ⇧ Tab ⇥

It sits as a 'family' with Cmd ⌘ Tab ⇥ behaviour for switching apps, & similar to Cmd ⌘ ` to toggle between windows (see Shortcut for toggling between different windows of same app? )

  • shift ⇧ cmd ⌘ } next tab
  • shift ⇧ cmd ⌘ { previous tab

This works in any apps with tabs, including on iPadOS (where ctrl-tab does not).

  • I'd forgotten about that one. Was that the old one & they supplemented it at some point with the tab version? It's been so long since I did it by keyboard - these days it's a swipe on my mouse - that I can't remember. – Tetsujin Jun 12 at 17:49

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