I have an app called Matcha that I’ve used for writing. I hadn’t opened it in a few months but when I tried tonight the message said the developer needs to update the app to work with this version of iOS. I have 14.6 but I don’t know when the last update was. The Matcha website seems to be unsupported; the blog link and support link don’t work. How do I get my data out?

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Adam Engst of tidbits.com did this with the Momento Classic app using iExplorer to browse a backup of the device containing app data.

If you haven’t uninstalled the app yet, the data is still there. Make a Mac backup now and you can still get your data! The app is inaccessible but the data isn’t removed in case the developer released an update.


Working with the backups got me thinking that perhaps I could extract the data from a recent backup of my iPhone 11 Pro.


I downloaded the demo version of iExplorer, launched it, opened its Backup Explorer view, and did a search on "[app name]". That revealed Documents and Library folders.


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