I deleted some I need now, but I haven't found them. Where do they live? Thanks.


Think of a date before you deleted them and, using Finder, go to the corresponding backup.

In Big Sur, each backup looks like a separate disk inside you TM disk. In Catalina it is a folder in your TM disk.

Before going further, make sure that Finder is showing you hidden files and folders. Command-Shift-Dot to enable this.

Within the chosen dated folder drill down to your Mail folder which is inside your username's Library. Like this:

enter image description here

If you have more than one mail account (like me) there will be multiple folders within V8. You will have to try each one.

Going deeper:

enter image description here

First go down folders just like the folders within Mail, but below the folder Data, it is just guess work.

Finally there are folders for a few Messages and their Attachments.


When you do find the lost attachments, just copy (drag and drop) them to your Desktop or wherever is convenient.

In case you are wondering, I have decided there is nothing sensitive in the names of my folders and so have not attempted to hide anything in my examples.

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