I have a Sharp RokuTV, an iPad, a last generation Intel Mac(I should have waited for the new chip, but didn't), and an Intel based Windows PC


I'm curious if the issue I describe here is seen by others

  1. Install AppleTV Roku App from Roku Streaming Channels Store
  2. Decide to watch something old, but new again (Show X was removed from Netflix, so I decided to buy it)
  3. Buy Show X from iTunes as a Bundle(6 Seasons individually would have been $120 to $150. Bundle was $60). The Bundle wasn't available through the TV app, only option like 4 is available on the app.
  4. Buy Show Y season by season from the app, which still contacts iTunes(Show Y has no bundle)

Undesired Output

Both shows appear in my Library, with the following cosmetic issue:

  • Show X that was bought as a Bundle appears cosmetically improper as one row, even though there are 6 seasons. In array notation:

     DisplayArrayX = {X(a,c)} where a is the purchase, and c is the episode list
  • Show Y in which the seasons were bought individually appears cosmetically proper(each Season appears as a separate row with a nice Header, [Season b], noted as:

     DisplayArrayY = {Y(a,b,c)} where a is the purchase and b is the season, and c is the episode list 


Is there a way to sort the Library List manually, either in the app or otherwise (I can manually add array index b, but need a way to do so)?

  • In order to avoid your question being closed, I recommend that you remove question #1. Questions that ask why Apple did or didn't do something are considered off-topic here. Your first question falls into that category.
    – fsb
    Jun 7 at 13:15

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