I am observing my storage breakdown by going to About This Mac > Storage > Manage.

From within there, on the left side it lists Applications, Books, and Documents on the left.

It indicates that my Documents uses up 12 gb. When I then click on that entry, the right side pane displays the options of Large Files, Downloads, Unsupported Apps, Container, File Browser.

When I browse through all these options, the amount of files listed in all of them cumulatively does come close to 12 gb. More like 1 gb total.

So how I am supposed to understand where these 12 gb of documents are when it doesn't list any of them.

Also my trash in emptied.

I feel like mac is like "You have a tonne of files, but try to find them..." lol.


This Apple function is not very reliable. If you want to know in detail the occupation of your user space, instead use OmniDiskSweeper which will give you all the details.

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