Sometime within last 6 months my iPhone started showing a prompt on the bottom for apps that I don't have running in the background. I use the task switcher to close apps after I am done with, say, ordering food or what-now. And for most apps, like Audible mentioned in the prompt in below image, the "background app refresh" is turned off.

It looks as shown below.

iPhone "Often used with Bluetooth" prompt

Some additional details: My iPhone 7 is running iOS v14.6. I may have had my iPhone connected to an Apple Watch at the time this message popped up. My internet search so far had found these instructions here (to disable it in Settings -> iTunes & App Store -> turn off suggested apps for installed apps) but the instructions do not seem to be valid for v14.6.

So with this background, would anyone know if there is a way to disable this "Often used with Bluetooth device connected" prompt?


I believe if you turn off “Siri Suggestions” you will not see those.

Option in on app usage patterns lets the “neural engine” process app history and look for patterns to suggest. I also find if you dismiss these, Siri sometimes takes the hint and stops suggesting things if you never tap in to use a class of recommendations.

I’ve also found it handy to leave these enabled but “bench” a few specific apps I never want suggested, indexed or searched.

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