I could see ~/Library through Unix command in Mac, yet I cannot see it in a Finder window. I need to go as Finder -> Go to folder -> ~/Library, then I can find it. Does anyone know why is it like that? Thanks! It's macOS Big Sur.


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If you want to always see your Library folder in the Finder, you select your Home Folder, then select "View" menu, then "Show View Options" (CMDJ), then check "Show Library Folder". The Library folder will be then visible in the Finder.

  • NOTE: This only works if one selects their Home folder from the Sidebar in Finder. Selecting ones Home folder anywhere else in Finder does not produce the necessary view options containing the [] Show Library Folder checkbox. May 26, 2021 at 13:53

Yes, that folder is hidden by default along with another bunch of files and folders becasue most users never need or want to go into it.

To make it visible press:

ShiftCommand .

That's Shift-Command-Period, it will reveal all the hidden files. There is also a command to un-hide just the ~/Library folder:

chflags nohidden ~/Library