• I have 3 screens like in the image below and exactly 2 windows split in half in each.
  • I want to set up a keyboard shortcut to take the given window to one of those 6 spaces.
  • I prefer a modal shortcut like Moom app. Ctrl+` takes to a mode where I can type 1 through 6 to take the window to that positioning.
  • What app can I use to set up this configuration, and (preferably) only this configuration (and not so much more shortcuts)?

I use the Moom app right now but too many keystrokes each time to move between displays and then to go to the specific half position.

enter image description here

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Have you tried the (commercial) BetterTouchTool? It can do just what you ask, as illustrated in this YouTube video, and many more things related to multi-monitor setups. Simply assign it a key combination.

Other options may be Stay, Display Maid, Mosaic, etc.

  • I found out about Rectangle from this site
  • I engaged with the developer on Github and offered to make this change
  • He did the change on his other product, Hookshot and reported back
  • I bought the license to Hookshot and configured it thus in custom shortcuts enter image description here
  • Overall, excellent work in both Rectange and Hookshot, by the developer. Highly recommended.

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