I can't connect to adobe connect classroom using my iPhone 5S iOS 12 device. Whenever I tap "Open In App" in the connect page the same page but with the url "mobile.adobeconnect.com" opens. BTW if I again tap on "Open In App", It redirects to a page that says "Safari cannot open this page because too many redirects occurred" Google Chrome says the same error: "ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS"; BTW as far as I know Browsers in iPhone are same as Safari. Already tried clearing cookies, all data, reinstalling Connect app, and restart. BTW I tried to join using another device and it worked, Also I tried different adobe connect room and class but the same error occurs. I know I can copy-paste the link into adobe connect app but our classroom uses a login system and I don't know the password; Also joining using guest isn't allowed.

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