We all like Safari don't we? :-)

But in case anyone would prefer to use Firefox/Opera/other browsers, is there a way to view files with QuickLook, perhaps via a plugin, or some other method?

Any ideas or links for these? Are they difficult to develop?

  • What do you mean by their files? – gentmatt Feb 29 '12 at 13:06
  • Are you talking about HTML files on your filesystem? – NReilingh Feb 29 '12 at 13:27

To develop Quick Look plugins, you can visit this site, which states:

About QLPlugins.com

QLPlugins.com is a repository for Quick Look Plugins, which are available starting with Mac OS X 10.5. In addition, I seek to provide information for developers seeking to create QuickLook Plugins and to power users looking to use QuickLook more effectively. If you have developed a QuickLook Plugin and would like for it to appear on this website or are aware of any QuickLook Plugins I have missed, send an e-mail to feedback@qlplugins.com and I will include it.

About QuickLook & QuickLook Plugins

QuickLook was introduced by Apple in starting with OS X 10.5 (Leopard). By selecting a file in the Finder and pressing the space-bar, a preview of the file pops up. QuickLook Plugins, or QuickLook Generators, are files ending in .qlgenerator and are used to generate these previews. These plugins are also responsible for generating the previews in CoverFlow mode in the Finder.

While many file formats are supported out of the box, some common and many obscure formats are not. Fortunately, Apple's programmers made it easy for developers to create their own custom QuickLook Plugins. This site seeks to serve as a repository linking to these Plugins and as a resource for developers looking for information on developing their own QuickLook Plugins.

The Quick Look developer page was also linked in this Apple discussion forum post.

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