I am on my M1 Mac mini(Big Sur 11.3.1) and got a message that I am running out of RAM and should close some apps. I saw this process called qemu-system-aarch64 that takes up to 3GB of RAM. I don't know what it does and cannot stop it either. What is it and why does it eat up so much RAM?

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This process belongs to an application you've installed yourself. To find out more, select the process in Activity Monitor and press Cmd-I to open the Process Information window. You should see the name of the process which started it at the top, and the path to the binary itself near the top of the 3rd tab (open files and ports).

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    OMG thanks! I never knew I could look into more info on running processes! What a useful command. I feel so stupid right now as the process is run by docker, which makes sense as I am a developer using it to run some containers.... duh – Redbeard May 12 at 6:32
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    @redbeard we all miss the seemingly obvious sometimes, glad I could help! – nohillside May 12 at 6:53
  • It's also worth noting that it's probably not actually using that much. In the Activity Monitor if you go "View -> Columns -> Real Memory". You might find it's using much less. Mine was showing 3.8GB used but really only using 60mb – Antony Thompson May 31 at 4:17
  • Mine is coming from Docker.app (M1 version) and I'm on M1 MacOS 11.4 Big Sur – Scott Kingsley Clark 2 days ago

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