Patient is Macbook Pro 2019 16/256 1.4 (Big Sur 11.3)


When I pair my mouses (mx master 2s/mx master 3) my internet drops off at least 50% no matter its 2.4GHz or 5.0GHz. If I pair Bluetooth headphones too (edifier x3) my internet drops to 1Mb maybe or cuts off completely.

  1. I went to an online support service and they told me to reset nvram etc but still doesn't work.

  2. I found solution to rename the file bluetooth.plist and it was working for few hours.

  3. I went again to service and they replaced the motherboard with a new one.

  4. I found another solution just for few hours (sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/com.apple.airport.bt.plist bluetoothCoexMgmt Hybrid), and still nothing.

What can I do right now? I'm just sad, because I was saving a lot of money for my first Mac but my old laptop for 200$ doesn't have problem no matter what I pair on Bluetooth.



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