With v2ray on macOX 10.13.6, I can access some sites from Chrome but I cannot access those sites from terminal.

the configuration for v2ray looks like this

    "v": "2",
    "ps": "\u8bxx-Azure",
    "add": "xx.acrossgw.info",
    "port": 8088,
    "id": "xxx-b6xxx8954c",
    "aid": "16",
    "net": "ws",
    "type": "none",
    "host": "xx.acrossgw.info",
    "path": "\/data",
    "tls": "tls"

Per this post, this command sets proxy for terminal session

export http_proxy="username:password@ip address:port number"

I put this line at the end of my ~/.bash_profile

export http_proxy="xxx-b6xxx8954c:\u8bxx-Azure@xx.acrossgw.info:8088"

but I cannot access those sites from terminal either, how do I do?


Taking a quick stab from the documentation:

It does not appear that v2ray will pick up from the environment the http_proxy env var, it needs to be configured via a JSON (or protobuf) file. There's an example client config file here.

You'd save that file somewhere, then run it in your terminal like this:

v2ray --config=/etc/v2ray/config.json (or wherever your config file lives).

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