On contrary to what I wrote half a year ago and what someone wrote ten years ago this is again not working.

I think I have passed all the prerequisites:

  1. I am using the same account on both my PC (iTunes) and my Apple iPhone 2020 SE.
  2. Both devices are physically connected and authorised.
  3. I am logged in to my account in iTunes for PC.
  4. iTunes can see my device and library.

The thing is that my library again is empty and that I can't add anything to it.


  1. I click File > Add a Folder to Library..., I select a folder full of .mp3 files, I click OK and... nothing happens. My library is empty.
  2. I click File > Devices > Sync "iPhone (name)", iTunes is quickly "something" (I see quickly changing steps from 1 to 4), but again no file is being transferred.

Actually, I have done this about 60 times during past two hours. All for nothing. What am I missing or doing wrong?

Can someone explain me, step-by-step this (extremely terrifying, as it turns out) process of copying an audiobook / a folder full of .mp3 files from my PC to my iPhone?

Exactly and step-by-step, please. What should I do (when to connect devices, when to start iPhone)? Where should I be (at which screen -- Library or iPhone)? What should I click and in which order? Thank you!


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