When using WhatsApp Web (on Chrome with macOS Catalina) - when I want to insert an emoji, I open the emoji popup, but then the emoji appears at the beginning of my message, instead of at the end. This happens both with R2L and L2R languages.

Here for example the order of actions was:

  1. write "hello" (the cursor was at the end of the line)
  2. open emoji popup
  3. insert smiley - which for some reason appears before the first character
  4. insert sunglasses smiley - which automatically appears at the right place - at the end of the message

screenshot indicating the first emoji was before the text

After I open the emojis popup, I can move the cursor to the end of the message and then the emoji will appear in the right place. But... That's quite an annoying habit. So...

Any ideas on how to fix this?

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