I have an AirTag. I would like my wife to be able to see where it is.

We are part of a family in terms of AppleID (if I download an app, she can also install it).

Is there a way she can also access the AirTag’s location?

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With iOS 17, you can now share Find My items with your family.

In the Find My app, select the item you want to share. Locate the section "Share This AirTag" and tap "Add Person." Complete the required prompts and the item will be shared with the selected recipients.

AirTag or other item with up to five borrowers in addition to yourself, for a total of six users per item

  • Accounts need to have enabled two factor and iCloud Keychain
  • Accounts don’t need to be in the same family group, but if you are in the same group as the tag owner and get a tracking notification, you can ask the owner to share the tag with you.

The recipient will need to accept the share for it to be shared with them.

Read more about sharing AirTags or other items:

Read more about tracking alerts and how to silence them:


Share AirTags with iOS 17 / iPadOS 17 / Mac OS Sonoma and beyond

You can now share AirTags with another user that has an Apple ID (excluding child accounts) and compatible Apple device.

Quick Steps

  1. Open Find My app
  2. Open items tab
  3. Press/Click on the AirTag you want to share
  4. Press "Add Person"

Note: >iOS 17, >iPad OS 17, > MacOS Sonoma (14.4.1) required to share AirTags. AirTags themselves only require to be paired with a iOS 14.5 or above device to be used but iOS 17 and above to be shared.

(supported iPhone list) (supported iPad list) (supported Mac list)

Links to Official guides on how to share an AirTag for more in depth instructions: iPhone Guide, iPad Guide , Mac Guide


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