I currently switched from a PC to a Mac. I'm working a lot in PhpStorm and there use the keyboard-shortcuts for Forward and Backwards - which on windows are Ctrl + Alt + Left/Right Key. Now I read that this is on Mac Command + [ and Command + ]. Fine ... but since I use a German keyboard, ] is on Option + 6 and [ is on Option + 5. Pressing Command + Option + 6 does not navigate me Forward nor Backward.

Is there a ment-to-be solution for this problem? Or am I supposted to actually reconfigure my keyboard to find something that actually works? There must be more people than me having this problem, so I'm curious, what solutions exist.


I don't know for your exact situation, but very often this kind of command stays in the same physical location, even if the letters typed would be different - see Shortcut for toggling between different windows of same app? for a similar situation [that one, however, is compounded by the fact US keyboards are missing the key immediately right of the left shift key, to make it universally true].
I'd definitely try Cmd + the two keys to the right of P, which is where the [ & ] keys are on an English layout.

If you are running Safari, you can check for this visually in the History menu. This is on a UK English system…

enter image description here

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