I'm attempting to launch a macOS application.

When I select the file from Applications, or double-click the app's icon, I get the alert message:

The application "APP_NAME.app" is not open anymore.

The application "APP_NAME.app" is not open anymore.

I know it's not open... I want to launch the app!

What is the meaning of this error? How can I launch the application?

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I encounter this regularly. Usually I can track it down to the application immediately crashing - but Finder/the taskbar do not get notified and no way to remedy.

Unfortunately there is no easy fix.

What usually works is:

  • In most cases I encounter it is solved by deleting/reinstalling the app.
  • Quite often it helps to reboot and try again.

I know - both approaches are very disappointing for 2021.

Two rather sophisticated tips - that require some understanding and may leave you with a system that will not work without reboot(!) - and unfortunately rarely help are:

  • You can try to use "Activity Monitor" to assure the app and related processes are really shut down, and try again after this.
  • to launch an app from command line works more often - but if it works it will leave you with a second symbol for the app in the dock - or in case of error might give a little more info what is going on.

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