I'm trying to switch from Chrome to Safari and want the same keyboard shortcuts for new tabs and windows.

How do I change Safari so when I hold shift and left-click a link it opens the link in a new Safari window?

The only options for changing shortcuts are in the Safari Preferences Tabs panel.

I looked at the OS-level shortcuts option, but that seems to require an action from the Application menus. I need the right-click context menu action.

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    I think what you're asking is not as easy as just changing some existing settings, in the UI or the command line in Terminal if even there is a way. -- Is there some reason you cannot just get used to ⌥⌘-Click on a link to open in a new window and ⌘-Click on a link to open in a new tab in Safari? Apr 16 '21 at 18:15
  • I can get used to a lot, however, I regularly must build web software and need to move between Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Both Chrome and Firefox use the same window / tab hotkey convention. I'm open to using something like Automator, or even Keyboard Maestro. I do not understand why these common task hotkeys are not customizable in the first place.
    – Rob
    Apr 16 '21 at 18:51

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