It has been going on always, but I always thought it was just a software bug in the browser or something, but I am more and more often experiencing that video playback on my Mac Pro is glitching and sometimes just playing as a static red screen. Does anyone know what may cause this issue? Refreshing the browser window or video conference sometimes help, but it is a weird thing happening. enter image description here If you look at this video: https://youtu.be/c3UIR9IS5hk you'll see what I mean. The site shown consists of a multiple small tiles, some of which are videos. You can see how they glitch and are all red. If I refresh the page though, everything goes back to normal, and videos are playing correctly. It is not something I can trigger, it just randomly happens from time to time, and it happens in all browsers, Screen sharing in Slack and more. Can be a browser or native app.

enter image description here

Again - this is something that has been going on from day one (Bought Feb 2020) but as it has never been more of a problem than just refreshing the window, I haven't thought more of it. Now I am curious to understand what causes it.

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