I have backed up my MacBook using Time Machine to an external hard drive. Now, when I try to open it on a Mac Mini, it doesn't detect my .backupdb files. I were able to see some of the .backupdb file previously, but now they are gone.


  1. I believe the files are still there since it's still occupying 100GB+ of my external hard drive.
  2. I have checked the permissions of the hard drive and it's read and write.
  3. 'Browse Other Backup Disks' list is empty

Is there any way to see my files on the backup drive?

Thank you

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  • Can you describe what you mean by 'it doesn't detect my .backupdb files'? (They should be folders in any case.) You mean they are not visible in the Finder? Have you tried showing invisible files? – benwiggy Apr 8 at 12:18
  • @benwiggy, yes they are not visible in the finder. I have also tried to show invisible files. – The1993 Apr 8 at 12:20
  • Do you still have the MacBook? Do they show there? – benwiggy Apr 8 at 12:28
  • @benwiggy Unfortunately I do not have the MacBook anymore, I believe it was showing there. – The1993 Apr 9 at 1:50

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