Lately I have been experiencing screen freezes when I am playing some games. Screen is locked, only mouse pointer moves. I can still hear and talk through vc and have sound from game. Keyboard is also working( I tested alt+tab + random gibberish on notes and it was saved). Until today I thought that only workaround is to force reboot my Mac but today I tried replugging my monitors and it worked too. I have m1 Mac mini from release day and this problem only showed about 1-2 weeks ago.

My setup:

  • Mac mini m1
  • 1 monitor -> hdmi -> Mac mini
  • 1 monitor -> hdmi -> usb-c hub -> Mac mini

This happens mostly when playing some games, not all thought.

Having workaround to replug cables is fine for now but I would prefer to fix it.

  • So just to be sure, both screens stay frozen, but you are still able to interact with the computer? So it will still show the same screen, but you could still do activities in the background? – 2br-2b Apr 7 at 18:26

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