How to revoke a permission for a macos app (iOS simulator) to make any utterances to any audio devices whatsoever? I have a sw keyboard giving some unsolicited feedback sounds unwated.

In menu -> I/O -> Audio Output apparently there is an audio output device selection. But apparently there no "None" option :-[

  • macOS doesn't have 'sound permissions' nor does it have built-in per application volume levels. Something like SoundSource can handle per-app levels, but I think that's rather overkill for an app that beeps at you when you don't want it to… so I'm not going to add it as an answer ;) – Tetsujin Apr 7 at 15:00
  • To add insult to the injury it does not even bother to respect the sound output device selected in setting. – Anton Tropashko Apr 7 at 15:02
  • That probably depends on whether it considers it to be a 'system beep' or 'sound'. it's not an app I've ever used, so I'm completely guessing, btw ;) – Tetsujin Apr 7 at 15:20
  • It does not respect the os setting, it has an output device selection of its own: ive updated the questyion – Anton Tropashko Apr 7 at 15:41

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