A while ago, I installed Ubuntu along with the macOS on my MacBook. Yesterday, I decided I should uninstall Ubuntu. I read a post on how to uninstall Ubuntu. What I did was, in Disk Utility on macOS I tried to delete the partitions. There were:

  1. Apple partition
  2. Ubuntu partition
  3. Swap memory 8GB

After deleting, I saw that only swap was deleted but the Ubuntu partition was there. I worked normally on my MacBook for the day and shut the lid off when I slept. In the morning, I opened the MacBook and it booted into Ubuntu. Now I am not able to boot into MacBook as I used to earlier by holding the option key during boot. There is no macOS HD during boot. And neither can I see anything on rEFIND boot management.

  • Welcome to Ask Different. Can you boot into recovery mode (CMD+R while booting)? – iTunes Apr 3 at 15:43

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