I bought a Mac off eBay. Bought and installed Logic Pro X and was using it with much satisfaction until one day it stopped turning on. I took it to Mac Choice and they identified a faulty charger. I bought a new 85W charger for AUD$119 and it was working. But I had forgotten my password. I called Apple and the technical support got me into Terminal to change my password but after saving a password it wouldn't turn on after an attempted reboot. The charger is plugged into the wall correctly, the magnetic end is secured properly and the green light comes on but it just does not want to start or boot up. Any suggestions?

  • When you say "wouldn't turn on after an attempted reboot" are you saying it lost power? Or is it simply unable to complete the reboot? Have you tried doing an SMC reset: support.apple.com/en-us/HT201295 – Tim Campbell Apr 2 at 17:36

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