I've just set my PC moniter as primary screen when I plug in my MacBook (Air 2020) but it keeps rearranging my Homescreen.

When I rearrange it so it fits my external display and unplug my laptop it will place the apps on top of each other so I that doesn't work.

Can I prevent this from happening?

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    What does rearrange your Home Screen mean in practice? Quite a few things have to change when a new display is added. Some things can optionally change. We don’t know what you want the result to look like based on the initial wording of your question.
    – bmike
    Apr 2, 2021 at 13:23

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Because it's a laptop with its own screen, as soon as you unplug your Primary screen, the internal once again becomes Primary & all windows will migrate to it.

Re-connecting the other display it will then once again reassign it as Primary - but the 'damage' has already been done & it will not be able to correctly place the windows back where they were.

You may benefit from using a third party window manager. There are a few listed in the answers to this question - Do any window managers allow me to snap windows to the sides of the display?

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