I work in an environment where seconds are critical.

Is there a way to display the time with seconds in the menu bar on macOS Big Sur? More specifically, I am referring to the Date and Time at top right in the menu bar which users can click on to open the Notification Centre.

The instructions I find on the Internet seem to pertain to older macOS versions, and are no longer applicable.

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The display of seconds in the menu bar can be enabled in System Preferences. The specific panel is different depending on the macOS version but you can find it by entering „Seconds“ (in whatever language your Mac is set to) in the search field at top right of the System Preferences window.

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  • In case the clock doesn’t change you can run the following command in the Terminal to restart the menubar killall -KILL SystemUIServer.
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On macOS Big Sur, go to System Preferences > Dock & Menu Bar > Clock and check "Display the time with seconds".

Display time with seconds image


On macOS older than Big Sur, the System preferences can be configured to show seconds on the menu bar clock:

catalina system preferences for time and menu bar

catalina menu bar

Apple has changed up the menu bar on Big Sur specifically and people have opinions about that for certain. There is no seconds display that’s easily enabled on 11.3 and below.

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    In Big Sur its "Dock & Menu Bar -> Clock"
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On macOS 13 (Ventura):

  1. Navigate to System Settings...
  2. Search for "seconds".
  3. Enable Display the time with seconds.


Instructions for how to enable seconds on the macOS system time.

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