I haven't seen anyone report this problem, and I suppose it could attributable to my clumsiness, but I've been seeing the following behavior, and I wonder if there are any fixes.

Hardware: Apple MacBook Air, M1. OS: 11.2.2 Trackpad preferences are set to include nearly all gestures, including 2-fingers for secondary click. Scroll direction is natural.

What happens is that as I'm two-finger scrolling through a web-based article (news, for example), I'll put my fingers on the pad to scroll, and if I'm hovering over a hyperlink at the time, the machine will often interpret my action as a single-click and follow the link.

I have to assume that there's some sort of lowpass filtering or time delay so that the two fingers don't need to touch the trackpad at exactly the same time to be interpreted as a two-finger event. I wonder if the timer is adjustable.

Does anyone have any experience with this?


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    I assume you have tap to click on based on your description of the settings? – Ezekiel Elin Mar 28 at 14:48

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