My iPhone 5S gives a beep or buzz when I plug it in to a charger, but doesn’t provide any notification, apart from the lightning bolt in the top right hand corner disappearing, when it gets unplugged.

I’d like to get such a notification because my phone has a tendency to stop charging if the cable has the slightest touch to it - this happens with many different cables.

My phone is not jailbroken, so https://www.idownloadblog.com/2013/02/23/unpower-jailbreak-tweak/ doesn’t help. I’m on iOS 12.5.1, and according to Apple security updates, the iPhone 5S isn't supported for iOS 13 or 14.

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You can reach that with the shortcut-app by creating an automation:

  1. Open Shortcut-App and create a new Automation (click +)
  2. Choose "Create Personal Automation"
  3. Scroll the page down and select "Charger"
  4. Choose "Is Disconnected" and click "Next"

enter image description here

  1. Click button "+ Add Action"
  2. Select "Show Notification", findable through the search field
  3. Write the show notification as example "Is Disconnected from Power", then "Next"

enter image description here

  1. Deselect "Ask Before Running" if this shortcut should be triggered automatically
  2. Click "Done" and your shortcut is finished and executable

enter image description here

  • This is looking good, it'll just take some time to work out whether the version of the "Shortcuts" app I have can do this. Apr 2, 2021 at 5:23
  • But why should this "take some time to find out if the version of the Shortcuts-app I have can"? Just give it a try, it won't take long... Apr 2, 2021 at 7:05
  • On my iPhone 5s (iOS 12.5.1), I can install Shortcuts version 2.2.2. In that version, if I click on the plus sign in the top right hand corner, I get a window that it titled "Untitled Shortcut 1" which tells me how to build a shortcut (like 2:37 of iOS 12: How to Use Shortcuts!, which I assume is different from building an automation. Likewise, when I look at the documentation on the Shortcuts app on automations, it only goes back to version 3.1. Apr 4, 2021 at 5:52
  • Shortcut automations are only available on iOS 13 and later.
    – grg
    May 12, 2021 at 6:47

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