As a developer (with Apple Developer program membership), is there a way to give discount coupons for an app sold on the AppStore?

Example use case: some users who bought many of our apps in the past contact us by email, and we would like to offer them 20% off if they purchase a new app. Is there a way to send them a discount coupon for a specific new app via email?


You cannot send out 20% discount coupons for App Store app purchases.

You have the choice of either using App Store promo codes that gives the user the app for free, or using App Store offer codes that discounts in-app subscriptions for the first term.

  • Thank you. Am I correct that there are a maximum of 100 promo codes? (A solution would be to charge these twenty 'VIP' loyal customers outside of AppStore with 20% or 50% discount who asked for it, and to give them a promo code... but I don't think this would be allowed by Apple?).
    – g6kxjv1ozn
    Mar 25 at 20:52

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