I have the using the Microsoft all-in-one media keyboard with windows machine and it works fine, but with my macbook, the experience is really bad, it lags and the track pad is jerky/ slow and unpredictable. And none of the gestures work. Many sites show that Microsoft all-in-one keyboard with trackpad is compatible with Mac.

  • This is not surprising because Microsoft products usually works better with Windows. Had you tried to use it on another mac / another system? – Joy Jin Mar 23 at 7:29
  • Does microsoft provide a kext / system extension / software to use it on mac? – Joy Jin Mar 23 at 7:30
  • I didn't see that information anywher – Jibin Mathew Mar 25 at 9:05
  • 1
    According to this amazon.com/Microsoft-Wireless-Media-Keyboard-N9Z-00001/dp/…. It is compatible with macOS up to version 10.10. So it may be that (if you have a newer macOS) it is not compatible. But Amazon is the only place I found compatibility listings, so take that with a grain of salt – Steve Chambers Mar 25 at 15:24

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